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Natasha's Résumé

Updated: September 19, 2018 14:26:10 • 1463 words
Technical Skills
Information Security and Digital Forensics
  • Social media datamining, profiling, and analysis
  • Comparative image analysis using computer vision (scikit-image, OpenCV)
  • Automated steganography encryption, recognition, and decryption, implemented in Python
  • Penetration testing, and automation of penetration testing tools using Python
  • Analysis and Assessment Tools: Cofense Triage, EnCase 6, nmap, Wireshark, Nessus, Tableau evidence collection hardware
  • Penetration Tools: HTTPTunnel, Winexe, dns2tcp, Burp Suite, John the Ripper, SQLmap, apache-users, CryptCat, AirCrack, SSLsplit, Linux Exploit Suggester, WPScan
Software and Website Development
  • Languages and Frameworks: Python, Django, SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS, SCSS/SASS, LaTeX, XML, JSON, Ruby on Rails
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite
  • Other Tools: uWSGI, Gunicorn, Apache Solr, ElasticSearch
Systems and Infrastructure Administration
  • Amazon AWS: EC2, EFS, S3, RDS, SES, IAM, ElasticSearch
  • Operating Systems: Linux (CentOS, Amazon Linux, Kali Linux, any RHEL-based or Debian-based), Windows (2000-2012)
  • Web Servers: Nginx, IIS, Apache
  • Database Servers: PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Other Servers and Systems: Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server, Ubiquiti UniFi, OpenVPN, VMWare (vSphere, Horizon, NSX)
Additional Skills and Experience
  • Leadership of highly-collaborative remote/distributed teams
  • Experience and training in criminal investigations, digital evidence handling, and general law enforcement procedures
  • Software and database architecture and planning
  • Email and social media marketing and promotion
  • Photography, graphic design, and UI/UX design and testing
  • Over 15 years experience building and leading online communities
  • Languages: English (native language), Español (Spanish - functional fluency), ᏣᎳᎩ (Cherokee - familiarity)
Professional Experience
Leesburg, VA (Remote)
May 2018 - August 2018
Triage Solutions Engineer

Lead developer for Python scripts and libraries using the Cofense Triage API, for improved automation and integration with customers' systems.

Developed core patches for Cofense Triage 1.14 to fix a wide variety of bugs and enhance existing features.

Additionally tasked with diagnosing bugs, configuration, and deployment issues in production installations of Cofense Triage, and assisting other product teams (primarily Cofense PhishMe) with a wide variety of technical issues as needed.

Gaithersburg, MD (Remote)
March 2017 - February 2018
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Software Development Contractor

Responsible for architecture and development of software to modernize the collection, analysis, and archival storage of scientific research data, supporting the work of the Standard Test Methods for Response Robots program in the NIST Intelligent Systems Division.

Tasked with additional duties for the NIST Intelligent Systems team during the June 2017 meeting of the E54 (Homeland Security Applications) subcommittee of ASTM International in Toronto, including official photography of the team's experiments and demonstrations, transportation of equipment and materials used in testing robots, and assisting with setup and clean-up of experiments and demonstrations.

Arlington, VA (Remote)
October 2012 - September 2016
US Postal Service Office of Inspector General
Senior Web Developer

Responsible for multiple projects spearheaded by the Office of Investigations Computer Crimes Unit, both for internal use and for public use, using a wide variety of platforms and applications, including open-source and custom-built software.

Led a 6-person development team in designing, building, and launching a large-scale forensic evidence collection and analysis platform, to provide innovative tools for new types of investigative operations. » Full project detail: Remote Forensic Investigation Platform

Led a 5-person development team in restructuring and redesigning the USPS OIG website (www.uspsoig.gov). » Full project detail: USPSOIG.gov Rebuild

Led a 7-person team in implementing Single Sign-On between DANTES (www.dantesportal.org) and the USPS OIG Active Directory domain, using SAML 2.0 and SimpleSAMLphp. » Full project detail: DANTES Single Sign-On

Team Lead for development of new features on DANTES (www.dantesportal.org) and the USPS OIG website (www.uspsoig.gov), as well as maintenance and administrative tasks on both sites and their supporting infrastructure. » Full project detail: Data Analytics And Technical Expert Services (DANTES)

Worked with the 18F division of the General Services Administration to make the USPS OIG one of the first US federal agencies to implement HTTP Strict Transport Security, and one of the first .gov domains to be hard-coded into the Google HSTS pre-load list used by Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. » Full project detail: USPSOIG.gov HTTP Secure Transport Security/HSTS Preload

Harrisonburg, VA (Remote)
November 2011 - October 2012
Web Development Contractor

Responsible for software deployments, modifications, and bug fixes for numerous client websites, including open-source, commercial, and custom applications.

Performed bug fixes for open-source software used in client websites, turning experimental or poorly-supported projects into production-grade software when another solution was unavailable or undesirable.

Harrisonburg, VA
March 2010 - June 2012
Black Tie Computer Service
Sole Proprietor

Provided comprehensive top-tier technical support and PC repair to small businesses and home clients, with an emphasis on clear communication and high quality of work.

Provided a tailored “personal shopper” service for PC, peripheral, mobile, and home electronics purchases, helping clients choose the best product for their needs.

Specialized in providing support with a personal touch, and creating stronger client relationships than competing computer support services.

Woodbridge, VA (Remote)
October 2008 - January 2009
Web Development Contractor

Developed custom PHP applications for client websites in a team environment, including architecture for a social networking site.

Tasked with modifications and bug fixes for existing PHP applications on client websites, including high-traffic sites with minimal allowed downtime.

Personal Projects
Ongoing Since 2002
Source Code: github.com/lupinia/awi
Lupinia Studios

Full site built from scratch, including graphics and underlying code, serving as a personal creative portfolio for photography, written work, and a platform for experimental development. Originally powered entirely by a hand-written PHP CMS on MySQL as an educational exercise, the current version of the site was rebuilt in 2014 using Django and PostgreSQL.

Notable Features

  • DeerTrees, a content-agnostic site structure and content organization app.
  • DeerBooks, a text-focused content management system with a simple, streamlined author interface, and robust format-conversion capabilities.
  • Sunset, a heavily-automated image gallery with extensive server-side processing and analysis capabilities, providing interaction-free image publishing.
  • A content-agnostic access control system, with a variety of granular permissions options, and features to ease integration into other apps.
  • An event-attendance system to track appearances at conventions and other events, both in a list and on a map, with extended data options and integration with DeerBooks and Sunset.
  • A system for managing external links, and displaying them throughout the site in contextually-appropriate areas.
  • An intelligent 404 handler, to gracefully recover File Not Found errors as 301 redirects as often as possible, without needing to explicitly define a list of individual known-bad URLs.
  • Fully-custom responsive layout, written in SASS, designed to keep photography as the site's focus as much as possible, with minimal intrusion of other elements and minimal extraneous markup.
On Hold
Ponycons App

Responsible for developing a dynamic backend and data management system for an iOS app, using Django. The Ponycons app is widely used to present information about My Little Pony conventions to the fan community.

Cherokee Input Method Editor for Ibus

Joint project with a developer in Germany to build an IME package for Ibus (standard IME for Debian-based Linux distributions) which automatically transliterates Cherokee written with Latin alphabet characters into the Cherokee Syllabary. No such package currently exists for Linux, and Windows implementations of this concept are generally difficult for Cherokee speakers to use. Preliminary user testing showed a 2-3x typing speed increase for people fluent in Cherokee written with syllabic characters, and a 4-5x speed increase for Cherokee speakers who have less experience using the syllabary.