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Fusiontech Consulting

Updated: February 13, 2022 19:12:44 • 143 words

In high school, some friends and I ran a company called Fusiontech Consulting, offering tech support, web design, and web hosting. In 2004, when I registered the domain Lupinia.us and took over the last remnants of Fusiontech to shut down the company, I let the Fusiontech domain name expire, and it was promptly purchased by a squatter.

Perhaps it's irrational nostalgia, but ten years later, the domain had been abandoned by the squatter, so I re-purchased it. I don't plan on putting up our old site - yuck - but I wanted to see if any old URLs were still getting traffic, or if any of the old email addresses were still getting mail.

So, don't plan on seeing much here, but if you were one of our clients, or used to come to a website at this domain, let me know!