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Cars are an important passion in my life, and always have been. As early as first grade, my dad showed me the basics of how vehicles work while he maintained the family Jeep, and I was hooked. I wanted to learn everything I could about these wonderful machines, and in the years following, much of my free time was spent studying automotive history, and fantasizing about the day when I could legally drive one for myself. Around age 15, I also became fascinated with motorcycles, and my "first car" was my dad's bike. I don't currently have a motorcycle, but I still have a license to operate one, so someday I'll ride again.

In addition to a general appreciation for all things automotive, I developed strong attachments to specific vehicles, and generally couldn't conceive of owning anything other than one of my dream cars. Obviously, reality gets in the way of making this possible, but I generally don't own a car I'm not at least passionate about. To me, a car is far more than a tool to get from point A to point B. It's a symbol of personal freedom, a faithful companion, and above all, a mechanical extension of one's self.

This section of the site is dedicated to vehicles I own (or have owned in the past), and related projects I've worked on.


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