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Modifications: Acura Integra

Updated: September 12, 2016 22:25:49 • By Natasha L. • 596 words

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List of all modifications, upgrades, and projects performed on this vehicle. Given that it was totalled six years before I wrote this, it may not be a complete list, but this covers the noteworthy items.

  • Cool-Air Intake - I was really into modifying Japanese cars at the time, and while I didn't have the money to do anything worthwhile, I did do stuff that didn't actually help, like the intake. It was a pretty standard Autozone one, nothing special, and I'm a little embarassed to admit that I had it.
  • LED Strobe Lights and Headlight Flasher - Toward the later years of owning the Integra, I was really into emergency vehicle equipment, so I outfitted my car with six amber Sho-Me LED strobe lights with a multi-pattern controller. Four in the rear, mounted under the spoiler, and two in the front, mounted in the grille. I also had a headlight flasher for my high beams, but it was never photographed.
  • Full-Width Mirror - This was held over from my Honda Accord, it was a rear-view mirror that spanned the entire width of the car. The idea was to give a panoramic view to the rear without blindspots, and it did its job exceptionally well. I kept it in the car until it was totalled. Unfortunately, the sun warped it over time, and it gained a strange bend. But, I'd consider putting one in other vehicles in the future.
  • Power-Stop Brake Rotors - This was the modification that taught me that cheap mods usually aren't worth doing. I wanted upgraded brakes, so I picked up this set of slotted-and-cross-drilled rotors for all four wheels. But, they were pretty much the cheapest I could get, and aside from chewing up pads far faster than the old brakes, I never noticed much of an improvement in performance. I eventually replaced them with factory rotors.
  • CB Radio - Before I got my amateur radio license, I used CB regularly, and installed one in my Integra for use on highway trips. It did its job well, and I was very proud of the mounting job (still am, it's some of my best work), but I only had space for one radio, so when I got a HAM radio to mount in the car, it was quickly kicked to the curb. I haven't used CB since.
  • HAM Radio - This same radio has been installed in every vehicle I've owned, with photos to prove it. It may get installed in my next car, and it's been a good radio through the years, overall. In the Integra, I used the same general technique as I did for the CB, mounting it in the empty space in the double-DIN stereo cavity. The installation details were largely the work of my boyfriend at the time, and he also mounted the antenna to the truck lid with an NMO mount.
  • Stereo System - I replaced pretty much every component of the stereo system in this car. It was the second, and thus far last, car I replaced the door speakers in, using fairly nice Pioneer speakers in all four corners. I installed a Pioneer DEH-P9400MP stereo in it, extremely high-end at the time, and still a high-end stereo even by modern standards (I later gave/traded it to the aforementioned former boyfriend, who still owns it), along with an XM radio tuner. And, I added a 600w subwoofer amp with a 10" subwoofer, a combination that produced plenty of bass in such a small car, even at low settings.