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Building Code

Updated: November 1, 2018 2:22:50 • By Natasha L. • 822 words

General Building Code Rules

  1. All public buildings must be fully wheelchair-accessible, without exception. This includes stores and commercial buildings, government buildings, and community gathering spaces; basically anything that isn't a house and isn't access-restricted. We can assist with modifications to most buildings, including providing an elevator and/or tasteful ramps. We can also assist with accessibility modifications to houses, if desired.
  2. While we strongly value the principles of free expression, Traveling Rock has specific architectural and cultural themes and styles that we're committed to preserving. Therefore, all new buildings constructed or rezzed on land owned by the Town of Traveling Rock group require prior administrative approval.
  3. Landscaping and objects outside your home must be compatible with the overall styles and themes of the community. If there is a problem, our housing team will work with you to address it, but objects will be returned if it's deemed necessary.
  4. Please keep all of your objects inside your property lines. Any objects floating in the sky, found outside property lines, or blatantly distracts from the theme of the estate, will be subject to return without notice. Additionally, any highly scripted objects found causing lag on the estate will be returned.
  5. New/prospective residents within Traveling Rock, and residents who wish to move to a new/different house, should submit a housing request ticket. If a vacant house already exists that you would like to claim, add its address to your housing request. If there isn't already a house built that you would like to move into, a member of our housing team will work closely with you to pick the perfect location and house for you, and construct a driveway/parking area and walkway. Our goal is to make sure you're happy with your home, and we'll do our best to make that happen.
  6. Security orbs are strictly forbidden anywhere within Traveling Rock's borders. This rule also applies to affiliated neighbors. If you have a house within Traveling Rock, you can enable privacy and access restrictions on your parcel for a limited period of time, and you can request that specific individuals be banned from your parcel, as long as they are not Traveling Rock administrators, staff, or first responders.
  7. Camming into another resident's parcel is considered both Powergaming and Metagaming, as well as a disrespectful invasion of privacy. Please refrain from doing so. If caught, you will be given a warning. Multiple warnings will result in eviction and revocation of Resident status, and potentially a ban from Traveling Rock territory.
  8. As a matter of general principle, Traveling Rock considers breedables and other prim-based pets (wanderers, attachable horses, etc) to be unfair to the feral animal RP community, and especially unfair to existing members of our community who RP as feral animals and are looking for homes. We strongly encourage our residents who want to have pets to adopt one from our stables or animal shelter. However, we do also allow one breedable/prim-based pet per household, without restrictions. Additional breedables or prim-based pets require an Animal Breeding Permit.

Skyboxes, Space Stations, and Residential Spacecraft

  1. As a general rule, Traveling Rock does not allow skyboxes of any kind, for any reason. However, we are willing to consider them on a case-by-case basis if you have an extraordinary need for something that can't be built on the ground. The exception to this rule is space stations, which are allowed at altitudes above 2km. We prefer to keep these minimal, to keep our skies clear and keep our RP action centralized, but if you want to live in a space station, or have one as an extra-private getaway, you can request an Orbital Structure Permit. This will designate a general area of a region and an altitude for your station.
  2. Spacecraft/space ships that are larger than 20 meters in any dimension are considered space stations, for the purposes of these rules, and are not permitted to land on the ground or fly below 2km. They may, however, fly freely throughout Traveling Rock at altitudes above 2km, as long as they do not come within 20 meters of other space stations without the owner/resident's permission, and are not left parked/unattended over unauthorized parcels.
  3. No skyboxes or space stations of any kind are permitted below 2km at any time, for any reason.
  4. Space stations can be connected to our point-to-point transporter network upon request, free of charge.
  5. While a space station can be your primary residence, it does pose a bit of an issue for street addresses. To compensate for this, Traveling Rock will provide you with a small cabin, apartment, office, or post office box, which you can use as your home address in our licensing systems (exact details TBD).
  6. Because an Orbital Structure Permit does not correspond to a specific ground-level parcel, access controls for space stations are not available. The prohibition on security orbs still applies to space stations and authorized skyboxes.